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General Theme of wos4

Information Freedom Rules

Re: Carl Shapiro, Hal Varian, Information Rules, Harvard Business School Press 1999. Freedom rulez ok! And: information freedom needs rules (a2k, GPL v 3.0, CC).

We could invite Hal Varian and Yochai Benkler who‘s Commons-based Peer Production is strikingly missing from the business models Shapiro/Varian are discussing. Both could have keynotes on the first evening, Information Rules and Commons-based Peer Production revisited. Is price discrimination really the only way for information markets? How have his ideas about DRM changed? After that, a panel would dicuss where we stand. It could also pick up on the Web Bubble 2.0 hybrid economic models that Saul talked about. Is the subculture of social networks (are they a subculture?) being venture capitalized into flagships of info capitalism.

Alternate themes

a planet of sharing

towards a culture of freedom

yes, we‘re OPEN. feel FREE to join

Open Society (Karl Popper, 1945) Open Source (Eric Raymond, 1998) Open Access (OAI, Bethesda/Budapest/Berlin Declaration) Open Culture (Felix Stalder (?), 2003) Open Borders (Florian Schneider) Open Nature (ICC, 2005) Open Wounds (Einsteinforum, 2005) Open Questions (Tim Druckrey) Openicity for all! Openesques, Offenisch, Oeuvralite (Chris Kelty) Open Galaxies Open Universe Open Time Free & Open Questions Open Worlds Open Islam The 2006 WOS Open

First Commonist Interational / Erste Internationale des Commonismus

Focus Topics

Other Topics

Free Software

Free Content

Free Infrastructure


  • We should be careful to ensure the understanding of "Free" as in "libre" as opposed to "free" as in "no cost". Any infrastructure has an inherant cost associated with it - how it is absorbed is part of the phenomenon, but doesn't cause it's non-existance.


  • Burnstation, Platoniq



Before wos4

  • ACS Workshop zsm. mit De Waag, May 2006
  • Werkstattgespräche zu IP und Theater an der Volksbühne

During wos4

After wos4