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Shu Lea & Irene on top of Hive Cubes -> Cven


C-Base: Monitorwand haben 40-50 Monitore für Installation


  • "Public Library", documentary of exhibition at woa3 by Cornelia Sollfrank.
  • BBC: "Software and Development"

International Open Source Network's mother organisation UNDP-APDIP [United National Development Programme - Asia Pacific Development Information Programme] is partnering with BBC to produce a documentary on "Software and Development" with a focus on FOSS [Free/Open Source Software]. The producer of this documentary is Robert Lamb [BBC Earth Report].

Abdul Waheed Khan, Head of UNESCO, Switzerland; Jonathan Murray, CTO for Microsoft Europe; Gilberto Gil, Minister of Culture, Government of Brazil; Richard Stallman, Founder of Free Software Foundation, America; Bruce Perens, Founder, Open Source Initiative; Louis Dominque Ouedraogo, Inspector of United Nations Joint Inspection Unit; Mark Shuttleworth, Founder of Ubuntu Linux and Canonical; Shane Wall, Vice President of Intel, America; Robert Kramer, Director of CompTia, America; Kenneth Neil Cukier, Chief Technology Correspondent for The Economist, United Kingdom; Nicholas Negroponte, Promoter of the 100 dollar laptop, Americia; Allan Kay, Inventor of the 100 dollar laptop, America; Ramani Srinivasan, Head of HP Labs India; Jeff Kaplan, Author of Berkeley Institute Report on Open Standards; N. Vijayaditya, Director-General National Informatics Corporation, India; Kiran Karnik, Head of NASSCOM, India; Raul Zambrano, ICT Policy Advisory for UNDP, America; Peter Froehler, Head of UNCTAD, Switzerland; Rishab Aiyer Ghosh, Head of FOSS studies at Maastrict Institute, Netherlands; Danese Cooper, Board Member of Open Source Institute and Open Source Diva for Intel.

Currently the list of these locations includes Fiji (SOPAC), Malaysia (Primary Health Doctors Organisation and Agri-Bazar), Singapore (Ministry of Defense) India (Pondicherry, Infosys) and Sri Lanka (Sahana), Namibia (Schoolnet), South Africa (Community Tele-centres / universities network), Galapagos (Environment Management Project), Brazil (Media Centres in the Favellas) and and Bulgaria (E-Government).

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