Free Software & Free Content in the Islamic World

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Free Software & Free Content in the Islamic World

Against the escalation towards war in Iran, wos provides space for dialogue. What does openness, freedom, FLOSS, IP ownership of culture mean in a Muslim context? What good does IT, free software, blogging, free expression do to improve the position of individuals and civil society? What can the non-Islamic world learn from a different culture? How can collaborations improve dialogue and reciprocal understanding?

Magriet de Moor, novellist: There can be no enlightened Islam.

If war breaks out and Iranian speaker/s can‘t come, stage an empty chair.

  • Moderator: Iran / Islam Expert
  • Mohammad Khansari, Head of the national GNU/Linux project, Teheran
  • Hossein Derakshan, exil-blogger, in Engl. and Persian
  • Malaysian FLOSS, CC scene.
  • APC woman from Denmark doing a project in Jordan
  • Palestina
  • Muslim former Russian countries
  • other Asian Muslim countries
  • -> Call for Papers

Iran Shi'a Muslim 89%, Sunni Muslim 9%

10% using Internet. PC in 24% of housholds. PC for 100-200$, because of embargo, no brand-names, so people assembel cheap parts. High percentage of population is young. More than 700,000 blogs.

  • Mohammad Khansari, Head of the national GNU/Linux project, Teheran

Ich bin Direktor von Iran National Betriebsystem basirert auf Linux. Letzes Jahr ich war fuer eine Forschung im Deutschland (noch fuer 4 Monate). Ich habe Ihres Buch heist "Freie Software: Geschichte, Dynamiken und gesellschaftliche Bezüge" im Internet gefunden

  • FSF Iran

Since 1983, developing the free Unix-like operating system GNU, so that computer users can have the freedom to share and improve the software they use.

Video of presentation by Hossein in Stockholm in Febr. 2006

February 24, 2006 Hossein Saffar-Harandi, the most fundamentalist minister of culture and Islamic guidance Iran has ever had, has not only publicly endorsed blogs, but also announced plans for including them, as well as websites, within the purview of a new government office that used to oversee only the press. Given Iran's strict new policies against cultural products that promote "western" ideas such as feminism, liberalism, nihilism and humanism, the recent endorsement of blogs seems contradictory. The flourishing of blogs, estimated at more than 700,000 worldwide, has created a new space for self-expression on political and social matters. In a speech during the closing ceremony of the first Festival for Islamic Revolutionary Blogs and Websites, co-sponsored by the ministry of culture, Mr Harandi celebrated the fact that everyone in Iran could now comment on current issues and "speak like a president".

  • Riverbend, eine pseudonyme irakische Bloggerin wurde mit dem mit 50.000 € dotierten Samuel-Johnson-Preis für non-fiction ausgezeichnet.

Berichtet seit Sommer 2003 aus dem Irak. „Ich bin 24, eine irakische Frau und habe den Krieg überlebt. Mehr müsse Sie nicht wissen." (3.4.06)

(Jeanette zu Bloggern im Iran [von Vera]

Orkut is huge in Iran.

  • Indymedia Iran?

Malaysia Muslim: ??%

FOSS Country Report; Malaysia: a well-organised, well-publicised, well-supported FOSS movement


Sunni Muslim 80%, Shi'a Muslim 19%

  • Nazir Peroz, TU Berlin, is IT Coordinator of the afg. govenment: all-out open source.

Pakistan Sunni 77%, Shi'a 20%

Free and Open Source Software Foundation of Pakistan "TPFOSST 05" 1st National Conference on Trends and Practices of Free and Open Source Software Technologies, August 18, 2005 TPFOSST?05 Conference Chair Contact: Dr. Anwar-ur-Rehman Pasha FOSSAC ' 2005 Secretariat Punjab University College of Information Technology University of The Punjab, Allama Iqbal (Old) Campus The Mall, Lahore-54000, Pakistan Phone #: 92 (042) 111-923-923 Ext: 27 e-mail:

Bangladesh Muslim 83%

Brunei Muslim (official) 67%

Indonesia Muslim 88%

Maledives Sunni Muslim