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The current versions of the CC licenses are subject to increasing criticism from the free software community, because of

  • incompatibility to the GNU Free Documentation License (used by Wikipedia)

Creative Commons has announced new versions of its licenses with some respective improvements. It would be interesting to hear more about that at WOS.

Possible Speakers


  • The License FAQ of the Free Software Foundation about the Creative Commons AttributionShareAlike License: "There is literally no specific freedom that all Creative Commons licenses grant. Therefore, to say that a work 'uses a Creative Commons license' is to leave all important questions about the work's licensing unanswered. When you see such a statement, please suggest making it clearer. And if someone proposes to 'use a Creative Commons license' for a certain work, it is vital to ask immediately 'Which one?' We recommend using the Free Art License, rather than this one, so as to avoid augmenting the problem caused by the vagueness of 'a Creative Commons license'".

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